BPCL launches EV charging network on Chennai-Tiruchi-Madurai highway

Long-term, the Company plans to convert 7,000 conventional retail outlets into Energy Stations with several fuelling alternatives and an EV charging network, resulting in sustainable growth.

Features of BPCL EV charging network

  • 10 gasoline stations along the 900 km length make this India’s first EV friendly highway
  • This will be followed by vital roads such as the Chennai – Trichy – Madurai.
  • 7,000 regular retail outlets could become energy stations.

As part of the initiative, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), a ‘Maharatna’ and Fortune Global 500 company, has installed CCS-2 DC Fast chargers at ten of its gasoline stations along the 900 km stretch on both sides of the highway.

EV charging network
BPCLIMITED Charging Stations

For sustainable expansion, the company plans to transform 7,000 regular retail outlets into Energy Stations that offer a variety of fueling alternatives, including an EV charging station, in the medium to long term.

Electric vehicle adoption in India is expected to rise significantly as Bharat Petroleum plans to install CCS-2 EV charging stations (EVCS) at its fuel stations on all major national highways connecting major cities and economic centers to facilitate inter-city commuting.

The following are the charging stations 

  1. Meenambakkam
  2. Maraimalainagar
  3. Melmaravathur
  4. Kooteripattu
  5. Vikravandi
  6. Ulundurpet
  7. Sannamangalam
  8. Sirugannur
  9. Melur
  10. Othakadai

The initial phase of the project will begin with a launch on the Chennai-Trichy-Madurai expressway, which has a lot of traffic and a lot of potential for electric vehicle use.

For the first time, there are 10 EV charging stations along both sides of the roadway.

There has been an explosion in the number of people using the country’s highways, especially those that link major cities and economic centers, as people become more concerned about their own health and safety as they travel.

BPCL highway fuel stations offer a wide range of conveniences and amenities, and we look forward to welcoming and serving our EV customers in this exciting new and sustainable world of electric mobility.

Fuel stations run by Bharat Petroleum provide customers with additional conveniences like women-only washrooms, free digital air, secure parking while charging and 24-hour operations, all of which are essential amenities for drivers. Nitrogen filling is available at some gas stations.

Bharat Petroleum has strategic alliances with leading brands like McDonald’s, A2B, Cube Stop, Café Coffee Day, and other regional players to provide hygienic food at some of its highway fuel stations.

Customers will enjoy even more convenience when Bharat Petroleum opens In& Out convenience stores at highway fuel stops.

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