Fast Charging – CHAdeMO

What is Fast Charging – CHAdeMO?

Charge de MOve (CHArge de MOve) is an abbreviation of “CHArge de MOve,” which means “charging for movement,” and is also a pun for “O cha demo ikaga desuka.” in Japanese, which translates to “Let’s have tea while charging.”

When a charger is CHAdeMO certified, it means it has met all of the organization’s strict safety requirements and can be used with any EV that uses the CHAdeMO standard.

Over 400 car manufacturers and industry organizations, including 50 charging companies, formed a consortium to develop CHAdeMO, a rapid charging standard.

Fast Charging - CHAdeMO

What are the features of CHAdeMO?

  • It uses its own dedicated charger.
  • CHAdeMO charging stations come equipped with cables and connectors, which makes them unique among other types of charging stations.
  • Other people cannot remove CHAdeMO chargers because they lock into the vehicle they are charging.
  • There are CHAdeMO chargers in every country.

Is there any benefit of using CHAdeMO?

  • Smaller imprints and minimal civil engineering work make CHAdeMO units ideal for retrofitting into pre-existing parking garages.
  • CHAdeMO DC fast charging is the most cost-effective, space-efficient, and time-saving option for city dwellers.
  • You can almost finish charging your electric vehicle in 30 minutes.
  • It’s also affordable.
  • It takes every precaution to ensure that charging is as safe as possible and that the user is shielded from any dangers that may arise.
  • In terms of shape, the connector interface is circular, with a circumference of 70 mm.

Which cars can use this charger?

Nissan LEAF,Mitsubishi i-MIEV ,Kia Ray EV, Kia Soul EV, Hyundai IONIQ Electric, Tesla.

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