How to register and use Greenlots Electric (EV) app?

Using Greenlots EV app, you can check the nearest charging station on the go.

  1. Download Greenlots EV app in your device. Check for the compatibility details below.
  2. Register using your email or phone number registered and enter a new user name and password to create the new account
  3. Log in using the user name / Greenlots Station ID and password (or)
  4. Scan the QR code, and press “GO”
  5. Select the Connector number (if applicable) and note pricing (if applicable). Start “Charge”
  6. Using Greenlots EV app, you can find the nearest charging station towards your journey
  7. You can check the availability of charging stations and it displays the charging status.
  8. Press the stop button once finished charging

Greenlots EV Customer Support

Greenlots EVApp feedback / enquiries:

Download Greenlots Electric (EV) app for Apple (iPhone) and Android

Greenlots EV app on Apple Store

Greenlots EV app on Google play Store/Android

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