Lamp post EV charging: An Overview

What is Lamp post EV charging?

People without driveways can charge their electric vehicles at lampposts, which are incredibly convenient, inexpensive, renewable, and environmentally sound. EV charging stations may be found everywhere in public locations, not just at home, at work, and at gas stations. Lamppost EV charging is an effective way of charging the EV.

By simply adding a socket to existing city street lamps, they become charging stations (called the SimpleSocket).

A unit linked to the cable handles billing. That box is essentially a supercharged smart phone with an integrated power meter.

What are the advantages?

  • Perfect for charging when the car is already parked, such as overnight or at work.
  • User-friendly: well-lit areas and simple operation
  • Slow, low-voltage charging not only relieves the electrical grid and avoids power peaks, but also protects the automobile battery and extends its service life.
  • Low material usage due to a small solution and integration into existing street furniture – making it adaptable and cost-effective across a large area.
  • Installable at a variety of heights.
  • For preset criteria of EV ownership in their immediate vicinity, lamp post chargers are provided with dedicated parking.
  • Lamppost charging has the main advantage of avoiding costly civil works by connecting to an existing supply.

Which country has this option?

  • UK, Ireland

Difference between normal EV charging and Lamppost EV charging?

Normal Ev charging Lamppost EV charging
It’s cheaper to maintain and register a convenient way to charge electric vehicles with a minimal amount of fuss. It has less number of stations
By opting for an electric vehicle, you are assisting in reducing hazardous air pollution caused by exhaust emissions. It’s environmentally friendly.
Our health will benefit from lower dangerous exhaust emissions. It also implies that the pavement will be less obstructed.
It is efficiently managed, particularly outside of peak electricity demand periods. It does not need a cable running from homes across pavements.

List of ubitricity charging stations in London, United Kingdom

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