Varberg – Ionity EV Charging Station in Varberg, Sweden

Varberg – Ionity EV Charging Station in Varberg, Sweden

Ionity is a high-power charging station network for electric vehicles to facilitate long-distance travel across European Countries.

Address: Circle K, Lindberg, HA, Sweden

Phone: N/A

Opening Time: Station open 24/7


Direction: View direction here

Charging Type: Number of CCS Chargers: 4

Ionity High Power Chargers: 1623 Live (As of Feb 2022)

About Ionity EV Charging Station

With IONITY, drivers of electric vehicles enjoy the freedom to go wherever they want to go. We are building, operating, and constantly growing our network of high-power charging infrastructure along highways in 24 European countries. And as we provide 100% renewable energy everywhere in our network, charging at IONITY means carbon-neutral driving. This is how we are enabling electric travel for everyone.

Travel Across Europe With Ionity

  • High Power Charging network along highways in 24 European countries
  • Charging stations with 4-6 chargers on average to avoid queuing
  • Chargers with up to 350 kW charging capacity for ultrafast charging
  • European charging standard CCS for widest compatibility across electric vehicles
  • 100% renewable energy for carbon-neutral driving.

Ionity is looking for sites

They are continuously expanding their high-power charging network. If you would like to offer a suitable property along European motorways, please contact them.

Ionity Background

IONITY is a joint venture of BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Group, Mercedes-Benz AG, and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche. Their goal is simple: Building a high-power charging network for electric vehicles along major highways in Europe.

List of Ionity EV Charging Stations

Click the above link to view the Other Ionity EV Charging Station.

Ionity EV Charging Station Hotline Number

Country Hotline number
Austria +4313580560
Belgium +3228997267
Croatia +38515544276
Czech Republic +420225379479
Denmark +4578795268
Estonia +3726683081
Finland +358942550651
France +33187210891
Germany +498944255071
Hungary +3618480302
Ireland +35316917020
Italy +390260063068
Latvia +37162444271
Lithuania +37052595164
Netherlands +31207082896
Norway +4721959277
Poland +48221521242
Portugal +351308803137
Slovakia +421232179061
Slovenia +38612276592
Spain +34911797628
Sweden +46855766802
Switzerland +41435501449
UK +442038850100

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1. Do I need a charging cable?

  • No cable needed. Charging cables are already built into the hardware at every station, so there’s nothing for you to remember and nothing for you to forget. Simply plug, charge, and go.

2. Which vehicles can charge at IONITY?

  • All vehicles using the Combined Charging System (CCS), the most widely adopted electric vehicle charging standard in Europe, are compatible with the network. The CCS standard allows for achieving coverage for the vast majority of electric vehicles.

3. How can I stop my charging process?

Stop charging process at the station

  • Please press the <STOP> button on the charging station. This is located either on the display of the charging station or to the right of the display of the charging station (middle button).
  • Please note, stopping the charging process may take up to a  few minutes. After the charge is finished, the connector will automatically unlock and you can place it back into its position at the station.

Stop charging process via IONITY App

  • You can finish the charging process in the App, if you have started it there, by pressing the <STOP> button.
  • After stopping the charging process successfully, the plug will unlock and you can place it back into its position at the station.

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